Site Plans

These drawings were made from memory showing various aspects of the Binley Park site, starting with a Map of the original site, followed by a map of the site as it was in completed state, with later additions such as Sports Hall and Cheshire/Constantine.
Then there is a Floor plan of Aylward/Sargent (or Scott/Spence). I was in Aylward which is why I remembered it. If you recall Robson/Whittle or Cheshire/Constantine, send me a sketch and I’ll draw it for addition.
Finally, a set of Floor plans for High Block and the Hall.
Two maps showing the development of the school, I’ve left the numbering the same for comparison, the 62/90 version was my original attempt, and the 59 version just an edit of the original.

Thanks to the various people who have provided an insight to how the houses were renamed in the last years of the schools life. Each ‘pair’ of houses were combined to create the following:

    • Cheshire/Constantine became ‘Daimler’
    • Whittle/Robson became ‘Mercia’
    • Bardsley/Hunt became ‘Godiva’
    • Scott/Spence became ‘Phoenix’
    • Aylward/Sargent became ‘Lancaster’

My memories of how Aylward/Sargent and Scott/Spence looked, again if you see a mistake, let me know. If you can remember the layout of the other House blocks, send me a sketch. In later years, when the houses merged, I believe the Heads room moved upstairs to the staff room. My very first Tutor Group room when I joined BPCS was the one bottom right of the Aylward/Sargent drawing. It overlooked the service road/Car Park/Bike Sheds. At the bottom of the stairs was a radiator –  much favoured on the cold or wet days!
The various floors of High Block.
On the Ground Floor, the area shown as ‘Art’ as I recall was two separate rooms, one of which had a Kiln for pottery. On the top right of the diagram I think there was a separate non-Art classroom. The doors to the right led out to the Teacher/6th Form Block and Swimming pool, the doors to the left led to the area between Scott/Spence, Music, and the Garden area bounded by 3 house blocks. I think there was also an office near to the 5th Form room, I recall standing in line here, waiting to be inspected by the Nit nurse, and having the BCG vaccination.
On the First floor, the Library occupied the entire ‘back’ of the floor, facing toward Music Block, the swimming pool and the Running track/All-Weather pitch. It is also possible that there was a classroom in the library, although I don’t personally recall one.
There was also a Bridge linking the two sides with a central Fire escape – picture to the left shows Mr Harris stood next to the Fire escape.






On the Second floor, directly above the Library, were two Science ‘Labs’/Classes. In my case, we had Biology here, but other Sciences may have been taught too. The remainder of the floor and the Third floor were all classrooms for various subjects. On the roof was the unusually shaped ‘domes’




Finally, the Hall layout. 
I’ve attempted to show as much as I can remember. I’ve left out the Sick Bay Upper Floor part. That and the Head’s corridor both had a set of windows that overlooked the Hall/Stage, and was often used by the lighting crew during School productions. 
At the top of the stairs to Sick Bay, was a room where all the School letters were produced on a machine that was cranked by hand. The letter was typed on a form that had a tear off back, ink was pressed through the holes created by the typing. A kind of primitive ‘photocopier’ method for reproducing lots of copies off one original. Also, I remember the first school Photocopier was here too, the results were on shiny paper that smelt awful, and left a residue on your hands. Beyond this room of course was Sick bay itself. I was fortunate enough not to make use of it, but in my Sixth form free periods helping out with copying, I remember booking in unfortunates. There were several beds along its length, I think all had either a separate room or some kind of divider.
The office was the official Reception of the School, and had one of those switchboards now probably regarded as a Museum piece! It had the plug in sockets which the operator used to ‘connect’ you to whoever.
There was also a set of steps from the main Hall to the Upper hall, used when the partitions were up. I gather the Upper Hall was originally the Music Studio, can anyone confirm this?
HBG Plaque denotes where the Head Boy and Girl Role of honour was placed – to the right of the Stage as you looked at it. The Mosaics were mounted on the walls beneath the Windows I mentioned above.
Exit/Entry doors are marked as I remember them. The Changing room doors led to a corridor, immediately opposite was the Girls rooms, and the Boys was at the end of the corridor next to the Gym.